Presented by Heritage Lacrosse


24th Annual
Manufacturers’ Golf and Country Club, Monday, October 10, 2016


Registration, Practice and Lunch — 10:30 am to 12:15 pm
Tee-Off (shotgun start) — 12:30 pm
Cocktail Reception/Extended Hors D’oeuvres/Awards — 5:30 to 8:00 pm
Pro Shop Hours — 10:30 am to 7:15 pm


John Ritzenthaler Company (courtesy of the Steidle Family)
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith (courtesy of Peter and Megan Rohr)
Ryan Morton & Imms LLC (courtesy of Kevin Ryan)
Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky (courtesy of Robert Mongeluzzi)
Schluderberg Foundation (courtesy of Chris and Carole Hupfeldt)
Summit Realty Advisors, LLC (courtesy of John Zaharchuk)
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC (courtesy of Bryan G. Rogers)


BSN Sports (courtesy of Peter Scott)
Conestoga Youth Lacrosse (courtesy of Tom Guillocheau and the CYLAX Board)
EvanFest Foundation (courtesy of the Brady Family)
Heritage Lacrosse (courtesy of Chris Bates, Pat Carney and Scott Growney)
Main Line Landrover/Jaguar (courtesy of Jennifer Bailer)
Main Line Sports Center/Blue Ox Lacrosse (courtesy of Patrick Holloway)
Murray, Devine & Company, Inc. (courtesy of Dennis Murray and Frank Devine)
Philadelphia Area Girls Lacrosse Association (courtesy of Mary Fran Riffel and the PAGLA Board)
The Radnor Hotel (courtesy of Lou Prevost)
The Shipley School (courtesy of Mark Duncan)
Sovereign Insurance Group (courtesy of Kevin Gallagher)
Ultimate Events and Sports Management (courtesy of Michelle DeJuliis and Becky Wells)
United Sports Training Center
Yearbook / Competitive Edge (courtesy of Huppy)

PATRONS OF THE PLA – 2016  PLA Golf Classic

Bryn Mawr Communications, Inc. (courtesy of Dave Cox)
DE Technologies, Inc. (courtesy of George Chou)
Duff & Phelps (courtesy of Paul Barnes)
Paul DeLomba (in Memory of Patrick Growney)
Edward B. Walsh & Associates, Inc. (courtesy of Barry Walsh)
Hannum’s Harley-Davidson (courtesy of Tommy Hannum)
Haverford Blaze (courtesy of Bill Farrell, Chris McNichol and the Blaze Board)
Great Valley Air, LLC (courtesy of Don Merrill)
Greater Philadelphia Lacrosse Officials Association (courtesy of Paul Kubach and the GPLOA Board)
Kelly’s Sports, Ltd. (courtesy of Steve Kelly)
Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association (courtesy of Kevin Schaeffer and the KLOA Board)
Mobile Diagnostics (courtesy of Bruce Cox)
Pennsylvania Area Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (courtesy of the PASLA Board)
Philadelphia Eagles and Grand Masters/Super Grand Masters Lacrosse Clubs (courtesy of Robert DiPuppo)
Philly Faceoff League (courtesy of John Bodnar)
The Ronon Family (courtesy of Gerald Ronon)
Rose Tree Optimist Youth Lacrosse (courtesy of Jeff Pettit and the Rose Tree OYL Board)
Sheldon Erwine (in Honor of Jack and Majorie Aitken, Lydia Erwine and The Ralphs)
Spartan Lacrosse Club (courtesy of Matt Higgins),
Summer Lacrosse League of Southeastern PA (courtesy of Jim DeRose)


Powers Family (courtesy of Bob and Claire Powers), Valerie Walchak and Steve and Debbie Wigrizer


The PLA, the local chapter of US Lacrosse, supports the game of lacrosse at all levels in Eastern Pennsylvania and maintains the Pennsylvania Lacrosse Hall of Fame to recognize the great players and contributors to the game in our area.

Representatives from lacrosse constituencies in the region — youth, high school, college and club lacrosse coaches, referees, summer league organizers, parents and promoters, civic association volunteers – work through the PLA throughout the year to organize or sponsor youth clinics, coaching seminars, fundraising efforts, tournaments and other activities to further the PLA’s mission and particularly its New Start Program initiatives.

PLA New Start Program volunteers have worked diligently over the years to seed and cultivate youth, middle school and high school programs and activities in the Delaware Valley, Central Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley and, more recently, Berks County, Northeastern Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.  The number of youth programs and high schools fielding interscholastic lacrosse teams continues to grow, and the growth of the game at all levels in our Chapter region not only reflects the dedicated contributions of hundreds of lacrosse enthusiasts but represents, in part, the evolution of a process set in motion and supported by the PLA and US Lacrosse.

We appreciate your participation in the 2016 PLA Golf Classic and the contributions you have made to help support the great game of lacrosse in our region.  We hope you have fun and remember to join us again next year for another great event.


Mark Aitken
Jim DeRose
Shelly Erwine
Chris Goldberg
Scott Growney
McCall Growney
Steve Kotch
Carole Hupfeldt
Huppy, Birdie Challenge Czar
Jim “Cuzz” Rolston
Megan Ryan
Lauren Becker Rubin
Peter Samson
Peter Scott
Jayd Wollard


And Special Thanks to Mary Dwyer (General Manager), Bob Fritz (Golf Professional), Meg Donohue (Assistant Golf Professional, Tournament Director), Larry Corr (Golf Course Superintendent), Tom Houlihan (Food and Beverage Manager) and the Staff at Manufacturers’, and, of course, ALL OUR GOLFERS AND RECEPTION GUESTS


Pat Cullinan, Frank Davey, John Decker, John Doubman and Kenny First

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